Diodes Incorporated's Miniature High-Speed ?Switching Diodes Reduce PCB Size



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Diodes Incorporated has introduced a family of high-speed switching diodes in a choice of small footprint, low-profile packages, enabling significant reductions in component count and PCB area. Featuring breakdown voltage ratings of 75V, 80V and 85V, the product line offers switching diode arrays in the miniature plastic SOT563, DFN1006-3 and DFN2020-6 packages. Suitable for mobile handsets, tablets and notebooks, where light weight, slim product design is essential, these single, dual and dual-dual (both series and common cathode) diode configurations will handle a variety of functions including AC signal rectification, data line protection, reverse battery protection and DC/DC conversion. The switching diodes' total capacitance performance, ranging from just 2pF up to 4pF, ensures that distortion or degradation of high bandwidth input signals is minimized, while a breakdown voltage of up to 85V means that the diodes will handle the most severe switching circuit transient spikes. Devices are priced from $0.04 USD each in 10k quantities for the 1N4448WSF single 75V diode in SOD323F through to $0.09 USD each in 10K quantities for the BAV99BRLP dual-dual 75V diode array in DFN2020-6. www.diodes.com