Diodes' mini secondary-side MOSFET driver reduces BOM cost in 5V to 12V supplies



APR345 secondary-side MOSFET driver

The APR345 secondary-side MOSFET driver introduced by Diodes Incorporated delivers the smallest size, lowest BOM cost solution for synchronous rectification in 5V to 12V power supplies. This device is suitable for line-powered adapters and chargers for consumer products such as smartphones and tablets, PVRs and IPTV boxes, cable and xDSL modems, datacom equipment and other portable consumer/home appliances. This device provides a high-performance power conversion solution for standby and auxiliary power supplies.

In conjunction with an external MOSFET for greater design flexibility, the APR345 driver provides synchronous secondary-side rectification control that supports various flyback circuit topologies operating in CCM, DCM and quasi-resonant modes. By sensing the external MOSFET’s drain‑to‑source voltage and driving the MOSFET to reduce the voltage drop, the APR345 reduces power dissipation and improves overall system efficiency.

Supplied in a SOT26 package and requiring a minimum of external components, the highly integrated APR345 provides a versatile, efficient and cost-effective rectification controller that occupies a smaller board footprint that competing devices.

In 1k piece quantities, the APR345 is priced at $0.37 each.

Diodes Incorporated