Diodes' Self-Protected MOSFETs Raise Protection Levels for Inductive Loads



Diodes Incorporated has announced further additions to its IntelliFET® range of self-protected MOSFETs. The 60V, 75m? (typical) rated single N-channel ZXMS6006DG/SG and dual N-channel ZXMS6006DT8 provide thermal shutdown, short circuit, over voltage, over current and input ESD protection facilities enabling circuit designers to dramatically increase circuit reliability. Suiting automotive and industrial applications, these self-protected MOSFETs are ideal for switching inductive loads, such as motors, relays and lamps at low frequencies. The dual channel ZXMS6006DT8 integrates over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and input ESD protection on each of their two independent and isolated switching channels. Packaged in the thermally efficient SM8, the ZXMS6006DT8 delivers a thermal efficiency 30% better than comparable competing SO8 devices, ensuring cooler running, more reliable end applications. The single channel ZXMS6006DG (drain connected to tab) and ZXMS6006SG (drain connected to source) are offered in the compact high power dissipation SOT223 package and provide a cost effective alternative to competing solutions. Both the ZXMS6006DG/SG have nominal load current ratings of 2.8A, at an input voltage of 5V, and have an avalanche clamping rating of 490mJ. The single channel ZXMS6006DG and ZXMS6006SG self-protected MOSFETs are priced at $0.34 each in 10k quantities and the ZXMS6006DT8 dual channel self-protected MOSFET is priced at $0.50 each in 10k quantities. Further information at www.diodes.com