Discover the new Q1 2012 NXP Portfolio Snapshot


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A comprehensive overview of the entire NXP portfolio, top applications and technologies. Designed to get you quickly to the information you need! Thank you for massively downloading our first edition of the NXP Portfolio Snapshot and your positive reactions. Please download now the latest updated version of the NXP Portfolio Snapshot and get informed on the latest and greatest of NXP Semiconductors. What is new compared to the last version?

  • We updated all the product information with the latest and greatest products and technologies
  • We added more application information to several pages
  • We added more links to the relevant pages on in order for you to find your information more easily!
The NXP Portfolio Snapshot is a unique resource that gives you a high level overview of the entire NXP product portfolio. You will get quick and easy access to NXP product groups, star products, applications, support information and latest Quick Learning YouTube movies. A simple interactive format allows you to quickly locate your products of interest and get access to desired data immediately. Expert in a single NXP product group, but not familiar with other NXP products to support your design? The NXP Portfolio Snapshot is your resource! Discover new design opportunities through a closer look at the NXP product portfolio! Looking for new design solutions? Consult NXP Portfolio Snapshot to define the perfect option! Planning innovative designs? Check the NXP Portfolio Snapshot for the latest product updates! Highlights of the NXP Portfolio Snapshot:
  • Short and crisp update on product value and the most recent status per product line
  • System Menu and Product Menu allows for quick access to the desired product group and easy navigation
  • Special Automotive System Menu gives direct access to Automotive certified products
  • Always up-to-date: every quarter a new update
  • Simple .pps format - no need for program installations
  • Download the NXP Portfolio Snapshot now and stay tuned on the latest NXP product updates!