Distributors as development partners

Jean Quecke, Arrow Electronics



In past decades when people spoke of the demand for electronic components most attention was directed at the applications where the use of electronic circuitry is obvious: computing, networking, consumer TV and audio equipment, instrumentation etc. Today, although these sectors are still important drivers of technology, companies are looking increasingly to other application areas where electronic component use is growing far more rapidly. These are often in mature, well-established industries such as automotive, lighting, industrial equipment and oil and gas. Here the market opportunity is strong as the rate of increase of component usage far outstrips the growth of the end products themselves. While semiconductors often gain most attention, products are increasingly reliant on the performance and reliability of the passive elements of a system. Nowhere is this truer than with connectors, which form the critical links within and between subsystems. Connectors are also being required to sustain ever greater demands in terms of data bandwidth and power transmission. And, simultaneously, they must adhere to the trend that is as old as the electronics industry itself: miniaturization. All these technological advances must, in many cases, be achieved while complying with rigorous safety standards. This is certainly true in automotive, medical and industrial applications where many standards have been implemented. And, if that was not demanding enough, extended temperature ranges are often essential. Confronted with all these demands, designers and specifiers face a significant challenge that can be complicated further by the level of choice available to them. This is where distributors can provide helpful advice and it was why Arrow established specialist technical and marketing teams to address not only specific vertical markets but also to support the passive, emech and connector (PEMCO) elements of component selection. Prior to my joining, Arrow had already built up the broadest range of PEMCO products available from any distributor and had created a centralized pool of inventory accessible to customers across Europe. We have just opened a specialist connector assembly facility in the Netherlands that can deliver regular and customized products complying with a broad range of international standards. I am taking up my position at the head of the EMEA PEMCO team at an exciting time and I am looking forward to building on the success they have achieved working alongside our customers. Jean Quecke recently joined distributor Arrow Electronics as vice president of passive, electromechanical and connector (PEMCO) marketing in Europe.

Arrow Electronics