DLA-qualified Schottky diodes target aerospace and defense applications



Microsemi, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, unveiled a family of U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)-qualified Schottky diodes for aerospace and defense applications requiring high density power and excellent heat dissipation (typically 0.2-0.85 degrees C per watt (C/W). The new diodes are offered in the ThinkeyTM package, which features a rugged ceramic and metal construction with no wire bonds to improve reliability. "Microsemi has decades of experience designing and delivering high-reliability solutions to the aerospace and defense communities," said Dr. Simon Wainwright, vice president and general manager of Microsemi's Hi-Rel group. "Our unique Thinkey package is one of the many innovations we have developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of customers in these segments. We will continue to expand our Thinkey Schottky diode product portfolio to include additional DLA-qualified devices." The new diodes support high-surge capabilities and enable double-side cooling. Since soft solder is not used in construction of the devices, it prevents solder seal from mixing with mounting solders and eliminates solder creep and re-crystallization during power cycling and high-temperature storage. Product Specifications: Product series 1N6910UTK2 thru 1N6912UTK2 and 1N6940UTK3 thru1N6942UTK3, anode to strap (AS), cathode to strap (CS) per MIL-PRF-19500/723/726 Voltage: 15V, 30V and 45V Current: 25A (for 1N6910UTK2 thru 1N6912UTK2) and 150A (for 1N6940UTK3 thru 1N6492UTK3) Available in JAN, TX and TXV DLA qualification levels 9X lighter than TO254 package