Downloads of Toolbox App from RS Components exceeds 60,000


Available for iOS devices and Windows PCs, Toolbox App offers wide range of mobile utilities for engineers, hobbyists and students

Toolbox App from RS Components

RS Components (RS), the global distributor for engineers, today announced that the company’s Toolbox App has reached a cumulative total of more than 60,000 user downloads. Launched at the end of 2013, the app is available for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, as well as for Windows-based PCs.

Available free-of-charge, the Toolbox App provides an easy access point to an extensive range of functions grouped as icons on the main screen, including popular electronic reference materials and a multitude of calculation and conversion tools in an easy-to-use format for electronics design engineers, hobbyists and students.

In addition to the reference tools and calculators, Toolbox offers the latest news on technology from the DesignSpark community, including 3D models of thousands of products. It provides access to the RS Product Data Library, with supporting documents on the latest products, plus access to the complete RS product range for research and ordering. A further tool suggests alternative high-quality lower-cost products based on the RS Pro range.

“The fact that the Toolbox App has reached this major milestone of 60,000 downloads shows the tools it offers are what our users need in their work or study,” said Cameron Ward, Senior Vice President of Innovation at RS. “The app has been and always will be free of charge to support our community of engineers and students, and will be regularly updated in the future to offer more and more functionality.”

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