Dresser-Rand showcases custom energy systems at POWER-GEN Russia



Dresser-Rand, a supplier of environmentally friendly technology platforms in power generation for the oil and gas, industrial, institutional, and commercial industries, will introduce a variety of custom energy systems at the POWER-GEN Russia and HydroVision Russia Exhibition 2015 that are designed to help meet client productivity goals and improve their bottom-line.

Visitors of Dresser-Rand booth #D21 will learn about advanced offerings designed for power generation and cogeneration, including its Guascor® gas and diesel engines, multi-stage steam turbines, and KG2 gas turbines.

Dresser-Rand’s Guascor Gas and Diesel Engines Capitalize on Energy Potential
Dresser-Rand clients can optimize the energy potential of their facility by combining heating with on-site power production. By generating electricity on site and recovering heat that would typically be wasted in a conventional power plant, clients using Guascor gas engines experience increased energy efficiency and substantially reduced energy costs and carbon emissions.


Dresser-Rand combined heat and power (CHP) systems can be designed to accommodate a wide range of fuels for its Guascor engines, including natural gas, diesel, biogas, biodiesel, flare gas, syngas, low methane gases and other variety of gases to produce hot water, steam or cold in addition to power generation. The gas engines typically range from 100 kWe to 2.5 MWe. Larger capacities are available by incorporating multi-train systems.


Visitors will see a SFGLD 560 gas engine at the stand and can learn how Dresser-Rand’s Guascor SFGLD gensets, recently supplied across Russia, provide a good solution for equipment working in extreme cold temperatures, remote areas of Siberia for the oil and gas sector, and cogeneration systems for different industries.


Dresser-Rand Multi-Stage Steam Turbines Offer Alternative Option for Renewable Power
Used for a variety of markets and applications, including oil and gas, biomass, waste-to-energy, sugar refining, universities, medical centers, etc., Dresser-Rand custom-designed steam turbine generators include a wide range of capabilities and configurations to meet clients’ unique job-specific needs.


The steam turbine product line can provide economical and efficient generator drive solutions up to 100-MW with multi-stage equipment. By customizing each unit, clients can achieve higher operating efficiency (of up to four percent), lower maintenance costs and increase turbine reliability.


Customized steam turbine units are available as either direct-drive or geared and can accommodate inlet steam conditions up to 2,000 psig and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with exhaust conditions from 800 pounds to condensing. Configurations can include condensing or non-condensing, single- or multi-valve, single- or double-automatic extraction, or induction mixed-pressure designs.


KG2-3G Gas Turbines Offer Efficiency and Meet Emissions Regulations
Dresser-Rand’s highly efficient KG2-3G gas turbine is designed to meet demanding emissions regulations, and is ideally suited for continuous or emergency stand-by power supply. KG2-3G gas turbines for power generation have a 99.3 percent start reliability, full-load throw-on capacity and minimal maintenance requirements. It is also available with a Gradual Oxidizer that can operate on a much lower quality gaseous fuel with fewer emissions when compared to those of a conventional turbine.


The KG2 generator set has been specifically designed to meet power requirements for power from 1 MW to 10 MW (single and multiple units). More than 900 units have been delivered for standby, industrial, and oil and gas applications worldwide.


To learn more about Dresser-Rand and its offerings, stop by booth #D21 at the POWER-GEN Russia and HydroVision Russia Exhibition on March 3-5, 2015 in Moscow.