Dual-Channel Ink Jet Printer Driver Serves up to 1,024 Inkjet Nozzles



The MP113 combines the intelligence of a digital user interface with a high-voltage, high-current, dual-channel power operational amplifier for generating multi-pulse waveforms used in industrial inkjet printing applications. The onboard digital and analog modules provide the digital and analog conversion and amplification for driving up to 1,024 inkjet nozzles. The MP113 incorporates a dual amplifier design with improved power dissipation, enhanced circuitry to provide balanced performance in each channel, and a reduction in crosstalk. Output current is rated at >10A peak per channel when maintaining the safe operating area (SOA), and operates on maximum supply voltages of 135V (+Vs to GND). The output is referenced to ground and not the negative supply rail, which eliminates the need for a high current negative supply. The MP113 also features a low current negative supply (≤50mA) to allow input to zero volts without violating the common mode input range.

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