DuPont and IQLP ink deal to develop high-speed circuit technology



DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials and IQLP, a division of Interplex Industries, announced their ongoing efforts to further develop and refine liquid crystal polymer (LCP) thin-film technology for use in high-speed circuit applications. The development efforts are being conducted pursuant to a joint development agreement and a license agreement previously entered into by the parties. Following the completion of successful development efforts, it is anticipated that the technology will be utilized in the development and commercialization by DuPont of products for use in the production of circuits for applications such as smart phones, telecom, internet infrastructure, high-speed computing and radar sensing devices. "DuPont has been developing and expanding its product line for high-speed, high-frequency applications," said Michael Hennessy, global technology director, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials. "We anticipate that our collaboration with IQLP will lead to opportunities to broaden our existing range of advanced materials for high-speed, high-frequency applications and accelerate time to market for such products." DuPont and IQLP anticipate that their ongoing LCP thin-film technology research and development program will ultimately lead to the development and commercialization of dielectric materials that can offer electrical properties up to and over 100 gigahertz (Ghz). IQLP's material science - an advancement over current technology - provides tailorable properties, such as dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df), a tight control over dielectric thickness, and is capable of being manufactured in a high-volume, roll-to-roll format. "We have been collaborating with DuPont in the area of advanced materials for a number of years," said Mike Zimmerman, founder and chief executive officer, IQLP. "The two companies each have a vision of seeing great products being developed and commercialized through advanced materials science. IQLP has been working on the development of LCP thin-film technology since 2007. Working with DuPont to further develop, refine and ultimately commercialize this technology for the high-frequency film market is a win-win for both companies and the electronics industry." Potential products that DuPont may develop which incorporate LCP thin-film technology may include double-sided copper clad laminates, along with LCP bond ply materials for use in fabricating multilayer circuit boards. Successful development and commercialization of products that incorporate LCP thin-film technology would allow DuPont to provide a wider range of products in the high-frequency laminate marketplace, and would complement its existing DuPont™ Pyralux® flexible circuit materials and DuPont™ Interra™ embedded passive materials for rigid circuit boards product lines. IQLP DuPont