Dupont expands capacity for Kapton polyimide films


DuPont expands capacity for Kapton polyimide films

DuPont C&PM (Circuit & Packaging Material), part of DuPont E&C (Electronics & Communications) has announced a production expansion under way at its DuPont Circleville, Ohio, facility to add up to 400 tons of available production capacity, as well as new manufacturing capabilities for its leading Kapton brand polyimide films. It is anticipated that additional production from this expansion project will begin to become available in fourth quarter of 2012. "This expansion supports our commitment to reliable supply and leading-edge innovation for our customers and the industry," said Peter Irvine, global business director, DuPont C&PM "Demand for Kapton films has been strong and will continue to grow as its .. capabilities continue to open opportunities in a wide range of markets." As part of the expansion, DuPont is extending its manufacturing capability to create filled Kapton films to meet aesthetic design requirements, including color and clarity, as well as enhance thermal conductivity and corona resistance properties. The polyimide films deliver advanced visual, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties to provide reliable performance under the harshest conditions in a variety of applications, from consumer electronics, photovoltaic (solar) energy, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. In addition to Kapton, DuPont C&PM offers a broad and growing portfolio including dry film photoresists and photo tooling films for PCB imaging, flexible circuit materials and embedded passive materials. Dupont