DuPont Fluoroplastic claims highest temperature rating in the UL database



DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions (DuPont) announced today that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has certified DuPont ECCtreme® ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic resin with a 300 C rating for a minimum-thickness of 0.75 mm (and above) in the UL Plastics Online Certification Directory. The rating is based on UL mechanical, electrical, and fire performance testing.

DuPont™ ECCtreme ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic resin is designed to perform in very harsh environments found in the oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor manufacturing, electronic communications and power industries.

Previously, UL had given ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic resin a 300 C rating for a higher minimum-thickness of 3.0 mm. This new classification (UL Component File E54681) supersedes the previous UL rating but includes the previous rating of 3.0 mm thickness. The rating change also offers lower minimum thickness with 300 C Relative Thermal Index (RTI) temperature; therefore, the resin will operate successfully and consistently at temperatures up to 300 C, both electrically and mechanically. In a parametric search, UL found that DuPont ECCtreme® ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic resin has the highest RTI values in the UL Plastics - Component database.

“UL is a globally recognized testing, listing and certifying laboratory with a wealth of experience in this type of testing,” said James R. Hoover, global regulatory affairs manager, DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions. “We’re thrilled that DuPont ECCtreme ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic is the highest temperature-rated plastic – not just fluoroplastic – currently available in the UL Plastics – Component database worldwide. This new UL certification gives our customers confidence that our offering has been tested to meet key material pre-selection requirements, and therefore enables them to design and market their end products faster.”