Eaton introduces W-VAC/MB medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker


To showcase at MineExpo International in Las Vegas

The 17.5 kV W-VACiMB circuit breaker

Eaton has announced the W-VACiMB medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker designed for efficient energy use in mining applications. The new circuit breaker is engineered to provide reliable and robust circuit protection in a compact, environmentally-friendly, and reliable package. It will be showcased at MineExpo International in Las Vegas on September 24-26, 2012. The W-VACiMB breakers protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections, and cable. To withstand demanding environmental conditions in mining applications, W-VACiMB breakers are sealed from dust and contaminants prevalent in the mining industry and are suited for high altitude, shock, vibration, and high ambient temperatures. "The new W-VACiMB mining breaker is an addition to Eaton's extensive family of global medium-voltage [products] and builds on Eaton's long history of industry-leading vacuum interruption and solid insulation technologies," said Jhula Barua, product manager at Eaton. The 17.5 kV W-VACiMB circuit breakers make and break power in a sealed environment with no external arcing, a safety feature in mining applications where hazardous gasses may exist - in a compact 18 x18 x18-in., 133-lb package. The compact W-VACiMB breakers serve both 50 Hz and 60 Hz segments of the underground mining industry. Eaton medium-voltage W-VACiMB breakers meet and exceed the electrical and mechanical requirements of E2 and M2 in accordance with the IEC 62271-100 standard (High-voltage switchgear and controlgear—Part 100: high-voltage alternating-current circuit breakers). W-VACiMB circuit breakers have three key building blocks: the vacuum interrupter, the encapsulated pole unit, and the universal mechanism assembly. The compact, modular design makes this mining breaker virtually maintenance free. The mining breaker is complemented with accessories that are field mountable, making it a versatile for the mining industry. For increased durability, performance and compactness, the Eaton vacuum interrupters are encapsulated in epoxy resin, protecting them from mechanical impact and environmental conditions such as humidity and dust. The W-VACiMB breakers use a simple modular operating mechanism that is fastened to the breaker with just three bolts. Due to its modular design, material selection, and limited number of moving parts, the W-VACiMB mechanism assembly requires little inspection during its long life of 20,000 operations. Eaton Corp Circuit protection deeplink