Eaton launches automotive electronics safety & reliability initiative



Power management company Eaton unveiled efforts by its Electronics Division to enhance the safety of automotive electronics with a multi-tiered initiative to meet the industry’s growing demand for highly reliable, superior magnetics, supercapacitors and circuit protection products.

The initiative features a web-based Automotive Electronics Solutions (AES) portal designed to accelerate specifications and selection of components based on a wide range of individual automotive systems and requirements. Eaton is supporting AES with new safety-certified products, manufacturing technology advancements and doubling of production capacity. It also includes the expansion of research and development.

“Eaton’s Electronics Division is committed to meeting ever-more stringent demands of the automotive industry as new safety standards are introduced and requirements for high-performance and reliability expand,” said John Janis, Vice President and General Manager for Eaton’s Electronics Division. “Eaton is recognized globally as a leader in power management components. With the constantly growing number of electronics systems in vehicles today and their individual and diverse safety and power requirements. We’ve designed Automotive Electronics Solutions to make the process of selecting the right component more intuitive.”

The AES tool provides an online guide that helps designers identify the products they need by selecting a particular system or application area of the vehicle. The resource identifies the following application areas:
Airbag control unit;
Power doors, window lift, mirrors, seat control;
Port power / USB hub;
Engine start;
Engine and powertrain control module;
Electronic power steering / electric parking brake;
Headlamp, tail lamp, interior lighting;
Digital instrument cluster;
Advanced driver assistance system.

Introduction of AEC-Q200-certified power products enhances Eaton Electronics Division’s leadership in the automotive sector. The Automotive Electronics Council Component Technical Committee has defined the AEC-Q200 as common electrical component qualification requirements. Components meeting these specifications are suitable in harsh automotive environments and Eaton has tested these new products to ensure they meet the standards.

The MPIA4040, HCMA0503, HCMA0703, HCMA1305, HCMA1707 and DRAQ127 are new inductors from the Coiltronics® product family that are manufactured to rigorous automotive standards in TS16949 certified factories.

The MPIA4040 product line offers automotive grade, high current, high frequency, miniature power inductors made of composite material offering AEC-Q200 Grade 3 (-40°C to 85°C) compliance and 125° C maximum total temperature operation for both interior and exterior applications.

The HCMA products are high current power inductors made of a powder iron core material that offers high current carrying capacity and low core losses. This product line is also certified AEC-Q200 Grade 3.

The DRAQ127 products are an addition of several inductance values to broaden the offering of this automotive-grade shielded drum core inductor series. These devices are typically used in interior, exterior and under-the-hood applications with a 165°C maximum total temperature operation, tested to AEC-Q200 Grade 1.

Eaton’s PowerStor® HV Series Supercapacitors are now qualified to meet major automotive OEM test standards with an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The HV series offers high capacitance and ultra-low ESR. Applications range from active shutters to safety systems for door locks and communications.

Circuit Protection
The Bussman® CC12H High I2t Chip™ fuse series (1A-5A) has been extended to meet AEC-Q200 standards. Eaton has expanded the existing product line down to 750mA and from 6A to 20A to meet requirements for infotainment and engine control unit applications.

Over the last two years, Eaton has reinforced the reputation of Coiltronics, Powerstor and Bussmann product families by investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to improve the reliability of our products. It has also grown research and development efforts so that these products deliver performance and reliability even as system specifications change and become more demanding. And the expansion of capacity means that Eaton can be a reliable supplier in volume production systems.