Eaton launches website with UPS efficiency calculator



Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has launched a new website for its power quality business in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The site provides IT managers, system integrators, data centre consultants and distribution partners with an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive source of information about the company's products, services and market-specific solutions, as well as valuable educational and thought leadership content such as white papers, application stories and instructional videos. Several support tools are also available including a brand new energy efficiency calculator, which enables users to compare the energy and financial savings offered by Eaton Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) to other UPSs on the market. "The look and feel of the new website has been based on feedback from our customers about what they want and need such as logical navigation and sensibly organised information," said Niek ten Hooven, Digital Marketing Manager for Eaton's Electrical Sector in EMEA. "In terms of content, tools like the Efficiency Calculator have been included to ensure that customers have access to all of the facts and figures they need to make an informed choice when selecting a new UPS. All of the content on the site is also tailored to the user's specific region." Eaton is committed to developing energy efficient solutions as demonstrated by its newest products the Eaton 93PM, which offers an unmatched 96.7% efficiency in double conversion mode, and the Eaton 9PX, which is now Energy Star® qualified. With the new Eaton Efficiency Calculator available at, IT specialists planning to install Eaton's 93PM, 9PX, 9390 or 9395, can now directly compare their efficiency and annual energy costs with other units on the market. The calculator also reveals the total power savings possible by calculating the carbon footprint reduction, annual and lifetime direct energy savings, and annual and lifetime cooling power savings. The results can be tailored to account for the type and number of UPS units being used, desired mode of operation, such as double conversion or Eaton's Energy Saver System (ESS) mode, which enables 99% efficiency even when lightly loaded, and expected UPS load. The tool provides the option to adjust not only currency and cost per kWh, but also the efficiency and cooling ratio for the comparison UPS, allowing users to customise the calculations to their specific facility requirements.