Eaton PowerStor XL60 Series supercapacitors offer long life storage for transportation, lighting, industrial, and grid apps



XL60 Series supercapacitors

Power management company Eaton unveiled the PowerStor XL60 Series supercapacitors with large format, high capacity cells to provide a wide operating range and one of the industry’s highest power densities compared to most products in the market. For kilowatt- and megawatt-size systems, the XL60 series is designed specifically to provide long life energy storage for applications in backup power, engine starting, energy capture and re-use, peak power shaving and pulse power.

Supercapacitors are gaining design momentum in transportation, heavy vehicles, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), grid storage, engine starting, lighting applications and other industrial applications for their high energy density, high reliability and long life. The XL60 Series can be used in conjunction with batteries or as replacements for batteries to offload constant charge/discharge cycles, thereby extending life, increasing reliability and lowering replacement costs. With a low equivalent series resistance of 0.23 mohm for high power and a wide effective voltage range, the XL60 Series provides industry-leading aging characteristics and an industrial temperature range.

“Eaton’s XL60 Series supercapacitors are ideal for high-reliability applications in the transportation, lighting and industrial sectors because they are designed to sustain high efficiency over the entire product life,” said Jason Lee, global product manager, Eaton’s Electronics Division. “Greater efficiency leads to higher reliability and the XL60 Series is designed to offer extremely high efficiency over the full product life, whether it is ten, fifteen or twenty years. By doing so, these components maximize energy savings and help system operators reduce maintenance and replacement costs.”

With a high capacitance of 3,000 farads (F), Eaton’s PowerStor XL60 Series is designed for high power, high energy applications such as hybrid busses, traction, construction, mining and material handling. The extended operation temperature range of minus 40 degrees Celsius (C) to 85 degrees for the XL60 series meets industry safety requirements for systems in extreme climate conditions. Additionally, an operating life up to 20 years further enhances system reliability.

Offered with maximum operating voltage of 2.7 volts (V), Eaton’s XL60 Series utilizes electrochemical double-layer capacitor construction combined with high performance materials. This combination of advanced technologies enables the XL60 Series to cover wide variety of high-density power applications.

XL60 Series supercapacitors offer 3.0 watt-hours of total stored energy life performance is over 1,500 hours at 2.7V/65 C, 10 years at 2.7V/25 C or over 1 million load cycles at 25 C. The cells are available in an industry standard form factor, 60 millimeter (mm) diameter with threaded terminals or high reliability weldable terminals.

The XL60 Series supercapacitors are part of Eaton’s web-based Automotive Electronics Solutions (AES) tool designed to accelerate specification and selection of components based on a wide range of individual automotive systems. AES combines new safety-certified products, product line extensions, and upgrades to manufacturing technology with the expansion of capacity and research and development growth.