Eaton XT motor control centers improve uptime, enhance safety



Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton introduced the XT motor control center (MCC), a 24-VDC control for commercial, industrial and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. The compact XT MCC, Eaton's newest National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) MCC is designed to support improved uptime and enhanced safety with robust power control, as well as optional communications and industry-leading Eaton arc preventative FlashGard® technology. "Safe, dependable power distribution is crucial across industry applications," said Mark Yerse, product manager at Eaton. "Eaton's expertise, impactful solutions, and customer-focused approach enables us to develop innovative solutions like the configurable XT motor control center, which will help customers better meet safety, reliability and communications requirements." Communications-enabled versions of the XT motor control center allow customers to configure, control and monitor their systems, so that maintenance and operations personnel can address problems before they cause downtime or excessive energy waste. Customers can select from EtherNet/IP and Modubus® TCP communications protocols. Additionally, a gateway can be added to enable communications with external devices using other network protocols. To help protect personnel and equipment from the dangers of arc flash, arc-preventative FlashGard technology can be incorporated into the XT MCC. Eaton's FlashGard MCC was the first arc-preventative motor control center designed to prevent and protect personnel and equipment from the dangers of arc flash. Unlike conventional MCCs, Eaton's FlashGard design enables units to be disconnected and reconnected to the vertical bus with the unit door closed; maintaining a dead-front barrier during maintenance operations increases operator safety. Eaton