Eaton's 310+ MCCB enhances safety & protects equipment in mining apps



Power management company Eaton announced the new 310+ Mining Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) series, designed to maximize equipment reliability, enhance personnel safety and improve uptime in mining applications. The breakers are engineered for maintenance safety, featuring integrated arc flash protection and Eaton Electronic 310+ trip units, which is designed to clear faults faster than microprocessor-initiated devices.


Built for harsh mining environments, the 310+ Mining MCCBs provide trailing cable-specific settings and configurations to cover trailing cable sizes with just three trip units to minimize panel design time and reduce inventory requirements. The circuit breaker trip units are interchangeable between 600 V and 1000 V frames.


“To provide a high level of quality and dependability, we have conducted extensive field-testing so our new 310+ MCCB mining breakers will perform well in extreme mining environments,” said Andrew Smith, product specialist, Eaton. “By incorporating Eaton’s Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance SystemTM, the solution offers a simple, reliable method to reduce arcing fault clearing time by up to of 75 percent, enhancing safety for operators working in close proximity to downstream equipment.”


Available features on the new mining MCCB include adjustable curve shaping, arc flash reduction, diagnostics, and system monitoring and communications. Additionally, fault information can be captured to provide trip cause indication, and a larger dial with a hard stop provides easier access without the risk of 360-degree rotation. The breakers address National Electrical Code (NEC) section 240.87.


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