Eaton's automotive-grade Coiltronics HCMA Series high-current power inductors enhances system reliability



Coiltronics HCMA Series high-current power inductors

Power management company Eaton announced the launch of its automotive grade Coiltronics HCMA Series of high-current power inductors to meet and exceed the Automotive Electronics Council’s (AEC) Q200 Grade 3 standard with a maximum total temperature operation range from minus 55ºC to 125ºC. The inductors are designed to withstand temperature and shock stresses found in automotive applications to support greater reliability in electronics for Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle control, body control, lighting, infotainment, cluster controls, heating and air conditioning, chassis and safety systems.

“Due to the complexity and networking capabilities of today's control devices, vehicles require the utmost reliability from individual electronic components,” said Paul Wiener, magnetics global product manager,Eaton’s Electronics Division. “Components in automotive electronics are subject to environmental and mechanical stresses. Eaton engineered and manufactured each inductor in the HCMA series to endure these conditions and continue to operate with efficiency.”

Eaton designed, manufactured and tested the entire inductor series that includes HCMA0503, HCMA0703, HCMA1104, HCMA1305, and HCMA1707 to ensure compliance with AEC-Q200 Grade 3 standard. The AEC Component Technical Committee’s definition of common electrical qualifications in automotive environments requires inductors to operate reliably in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to 85 degrees (C).

AEC-Q200 testing stresses devices beyond typical commercial reliability tests for temperature cycling duration and thermal shock. This reliability is required for DC-to-DC converters, voltage regulation modules, battery powered systems, multi-phase regulators and point-of-load modules used in vehicle electronic systems.

Each inductor in the series is made of powder iron core material, and is magnetically shielded for low Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). The HCMA0503 has a frequency range up to 1 megahertz (MHz) and the HCMA0703, HCMA1104, HCMA1305 and HCMA1707 operate up to 5 MHz. Each component also features high current carrying capacity and low core losses.

The HCMA Series is provided in surface mount packaging with a range of compact heights beginning at 3 millimeters and extending up to 7mm. The series also covers a wide range of inductance values, starting from 0.10 microhenry (μH) all the way up to 68.0μH. Current ranges for the series start at 1.8 amperes (A) and extend up to 118A.

The HCMA series is part of Eaton’s Automotive Electronics Solutions, a web-based portal that includes an inductor selection tool.

Additionally, the Coiltronics Automotive Products design kit offers samples of all Eaton’s AEC-Q200-tested inductors including all the inductors in the HCMA series. Designers can order the kit free-of-charge by going to and by entering part number DK01-19360-R.

Individual samples of the HCMA are also available at free of charge. The HCMA Series can be purchased from Mouser or DigiKey supplied in tape and 13-inch reel packaging; the inductors offer a wide range of prices starting at $1.31 each in quantities of 1,000.