Eaton’s BRX mini circuit breaker helps reduce costs in multi-tenant apps



Power management company Eaton announced the release of its BRX miniature circuit breaker. The product will provide electrical contractors design freedom by reducing costs and making installation easier. By implementing the BRX miniature circuit breaker, there is no need for specified upstream breakers, and this allows contractors to use less expensive service modules. Fully rated at 65,000 amperes interrupting capacity (kAIC), Eaton’s 1-inch style, two-pole breaker is a market leader for interrupting ratings in a standard-size miniature breaker package.


Intended for residential and commercial multi-tenant applications, Eaton developed the breaker in response to customer specifications. The 65kAIC stand-alone rating simplifies the series rating by using a two-tier rating instead of the industry-standard three-tier rating, which requires additional coordinated upstream breaker of fuse devices.


“The two-tier rating simplifies specification and reduces overall project cost, while allowing customers to use compact residential group metering stacks- this saves space in the electrical room,” said Israel Schultz, product manager, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Eaton. “Eaton’s miniature circuit breakers are used to switch and protect the lowest common distribution voltage in an electrical system, and the BRX miniature circuit breaker completes Eaton’s product offering for applications with high kAIC requirements.”


By using 125 amp (A) stacks instead of 200A stacks, one meter can be added per stack. Additionally, the plug-on style of the BRX miniature circuit breaker eases installation compared to bolt-on style molded case breakers.


Eaton’s miniature circuit breakers