Eaton’s latest Bussmann fuses target computing and telecom systems



Bussmann series 1025HC high current fast-acting surface mount (SMD) fuses

Power management company Eaton announced the Bussmann series 1025HC high current fast-acting surface mount (SMD) fuses designed for the power requirements of new generation telecommunications and computing systems. The compact footprint of the new series allows developers to utilize less circuit board space with a higher current rating, higher voltage rating and improved performance. The increased current squared time (I2t) ratings in the 1025HC are ideal for power systems that are used in next generation server and desktop computers, gaming consoles, industrial and consumer electronics, storage systems, base stations, test equipment and LED lighting.

“Our goal is to bring new technology that adds value to our customers’ designs,” said Matt Joiner, global product manager, Eaton’s Electronics Division. “This new line of fuses offers high-current-carrying capability in a very compact, surface-mount package saving customers space in their advanced high-power designs.”

The 1025HC offers one of the industry-leading I2t ratings from 25 to 600 amperes squared seconds (A2s). It provides a superior solution to power system designers who require performance and technical advancement in demanding operating environments. The 1025HC fuse delivers excellent protection during in-rush currents on start-up helping to eliminate nuisance fuse openings. The compact size of the 1025HC, 10 mm in length by 3.15 mm in height by 1.7 mm in width, helps designers utilize board space efficiently.

Previous surface mount fuses of this size were limited to 30 A and a much lower voltage rating. The 1025HC has current ratings up to 50 A and a direct current voltage (Vdc) of 72-volts meeting the latest standards mandated by the telecommunications industry for base station power modules. The alternating current voltage (Vac) rating of 125-volts allows designers to specify the 1025HC family for use in the higher power requirement needed for server voltage regulator modules (VRM). The 1025HC is UL Recognized for U.S. and Canada and has Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material (PSE) approval up to 30 A rating.

Bussmann 1025HC fuses