ebm-papst's Centrifugal Fan Shipping from Sager Electronics



Sager Electronics is now stocking ebm-papst’s new RV45 DC Centrifugal fan.  

The RV45 DC Centrifugal fan is remarkably quiet and powerful, offering dynamic air delivery in a compact size for critical respiratory applications as well as a variety of industrial applications. The RV45’s aerodynamics and motor are optimized for quick speed changes while its small footprint and innovative design keep it lightweight and virtually silent, making it ideal for applications requiring rapidly changing air flow and high pressures.

Designed into a 64 x 69.5 x 54.5 mm package, ebm’s RV45 fan is the ideal solution for any number of demanding tasks in the medical or industrial market, including respirators / ventilators, sleep apnea machines, extraction systems, packaging machines, and more.

ebm-papst's new RV45 DC Centrifugal fan is in stock at Sager Electronics. To learn more, click here.