Efficient Power Conversion introduces commercial high-lead eGaN FETs



Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) introduced devices with a high-lead solder termination ideal for applications requiring higher temperature solder. The EPC2801, EPC2815, and EPC2818 feature high-lead content (95% lead, 5% tin) solder terminations. The EPC2801 is a 100 VDS device with a maximum RDS(ON) of 7 milliohms with 5 V applied to the gate. The EPC2815 is a 40 VDS with a maximum RDS(ON) of 4 milliohms. The EPC2818 is 150 VDS device with a maximum RDS(ON) of 25 milliohms. In 1k piece quantities, the EPC2801 is priced at $7.51, the EPC2815 is priced at $6.35, and the EPC2818 is priced at $16.25. All products are immediately available through Digi-Key. EPC