eGaN FETs Feature 98% Efficiency for High-Density Computing


Two solutions for high power density DC-DC conversion using ultra-efficient eGaN FETs from EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) enable highly efficient solutions

EPC announces the availability of the EPC9148 and EPC9153 demonstration boards for 48 V DC-DC conversion.  The EPC9153 is a 250 W, extremely thin, power module using a simple, low-cost synchronous buck configuration delivering a 98.2% peak efficiency with a maximum component height of 6.5 mm.  The EPC9148 utilizes a multilevel topology enabling a maximum component height less than 4 mm, while maintaining a 98% peak efficiency.

Both solutions integrate Microchip Technology’s dsPIC33CK digital signal controller (DSC) with the latest generation 100 volt eGaN FETs from EPC. These solutions achieve greater than 98% efficiency at 12.5 A in an ultra-thin footprint.  The flexibility of the Microchip digital controller allows the input voltage of these boards to be adjusted from 44 V – 60 V and the output voltage from 5 V – 20 V.

The EPC9148 multilevel converter reducing the size of modules supporting magnetic components, while achieving high efficiency in a compact solution. One of the highlights on the EPC9148 board is a custom extremely thin power inductor from Würth Elektronik, which helps to enable the ultra-high power density of this design.

The EPC9153 offers a simple, low-cost synchronous buck configuration that keeps the maximum component height low, achieves 98.2% peak efficiency, with less than 40°C temperature rise at 20 V output. eGaN FETs improve the overall efficiency with their fast switching capability and their chip-scale footprint make it easy to cool in an effort to achieve the low temperature rise required for these compact designs.

Price and Availability

The EPC9148 is priced at $281.25

The EPC9153 is priced at $309.96

For more information, visit EPC.