Electronic Circuits World Convention closes its doors on a high note



After three successful days of the conference in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, the 13th Electronic Circuits World Convention (ECWC13) closes its doors with a positive result. The PCB conference, which was held this year parallel to the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2014, gave participants from around the world a comprehensive and specialized offer consisting of 26 sessions, 123 presentations, poster sessions and an attractive social program. Approx. 600 conference participants learned about new processes, current technologies and changing market dynamics of the printed circuit board industry.

Best Paper Award ceremony
A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Best Paper Awards at the "closing ceremony" on the last day.
Out of more than 120 first-class contributions, the conference committee of the ECWC13 awarded the Best Paper Awards in six categories.

The winners of the Best Paper Awards are in the respective categories:

Advanced Application Technology
Jürgen Wolff, Wuerth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG with the presentation “Ultra-thin Silicon Chips in Flexible Microsystems“.

Automotive Electronics
Naomi Yonemura, Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha with the presentation „Introduction of Standard of Electronic Circuit Board for High- Brightness LEDs”.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr. Hyunho Kim, CISS with the presentation „Fabrication and characteristics of embedded passive substrate for application of RF Modules”.

Innovative Assembly / Soldering Technology
Cheng Kai Chung, National Taiwan University with the presentation „Refine Microstructure of Solder Material via Minor Element Addition”.

Process Reliability
Bill Birch, PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. with the presentation “Plated Through Reliability and Material Integrity Results for 24 Materials Processed Through Lead Free Assembly”.

Material / Process Technology
Hongfei Wang, Guangzhou Fastprint Circuit Tech. Co. Ltd. with the presentation „Study on Single-ended Vias in High Speed PCB”.

The lectures were first presented at the ECWC13 and are published in the conference proceedings.
Organizer of the ECWC13 was the European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) as a member of the World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC). Its members hold the ECWC for more than 35 years, every three years alternately in Asia, Europe and the USA. The ECWC14 will be held in Korea in 2017.

13th Electronic Circuits World Convention