Elma CMFF SAVE-compliant Chassis for Ground Combat and Tactical Vehicles Aligned to SOSA and CMOSS


Deployable chassis enables rapid technology insertion, reduces sustainment costs

Elma CMFF SAVE-compliant Chassis for Ground Combat and Tactical Vehicles Aligned to SOSA and CMOSS

­Elma Electronic Inc. has released a 3U CMFF (CMOSS mounted form factor) chassis that is both SOSA and CMOSS aligned as well as SAVE-compliant. The new, off-the-shelf unit is ideal for integrated command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C5ISR) in ground vehicles, tactical combat environments and high-performance ground or rotary wing processing applications.  

Ken Grob, director of embedded technologies for Elma Electronic, noted, “The emerging requirements of many defense entities are centered on rapid technology insertion and lowering sustainment costs. Reusing existing capabilities and common hardware and platforms based on open standards technologies, like Elma has done with this new CMFF chassis, meets these current needs and sets the stage for future military application development.” 

The new chassis is optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power), and is designed to mitigate shock and vibration, while staying within the standard A-Kit vehicle envelope (SAVE) dimensions. Maintenance ports on each slot route to a connector, which connects to a maintenance port aggregator, which poses a USB port to the front panel. The user connects a laptop to the USB, and the maintenance ports are all available as UART ports.

This mission-ready platform comes standard with a 7-slot backplane ready to accept six conduction cooled, SOSA aligned plug-in cards (PICs) and one VITA 62 power supply and is an ideal way to rapidly integrate a deployable platform. The chassis has an advanced airflow design that distributes air across the top and bottom via external fins.

Additional features include Elma’s built-in VITA 46.11 Chassis Manager that provides intelligent system health monitoring. The front panel includes on/off switch, reset switch, voltage LEDs and test points.

Military-grade components used in the all-aluminum chassis include MIL- STD-38999 connectors, line filter, on/off and reset switches, LEDs and circuit breakers as well as a high-altitude cooling fan that can operate under extremely harsh temperature conditions. Available options include various backplanes, dual power supplies, and different cabling upon request.

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