Eltek signs major contract for data centers in the Pacific region



Eltek announced a major contract for data centers in the Pacific region. The contract will generate revenues of NOK 16 million (appox. $2.75 million) for the first of three phases. "The contract is a strategic milestone. We have indicated the potential for our extremely reliable power conversion and back up technology in data centers, and this is a major step on the way," says Björn Wigström, CFO of Eltek. Delivery will start in the first quarter of 2014, with the completion of phase one within July 2014. The following phases are expected to commence shortly thereafter. Eltek was chosen due to its industry leadership in power systems, having delivered more than 800,000 high-efficiency modules in various industries. Given the large and growing power consumption by data centers, flexibility, efficiency and reliability in all areas are critical to optimizing costs. Data centers are rapidly being built and expanded globally. Traditionally data centers have used centralized AC UPS as their primary power backup, but Eltek using its standard modular approach, have developed a backup power system configuration that provides similar functionality as a UPS, but with significant technical and performance improvements. This new system topology fits very well with Eltek's existing products and designs, and heralds an exciting development in our data center strategy. "Our solution brings better reliability, availability and the opportunity to improve the overall efficiency of data centers," says Wigström. Eltek