Eltek's Flatpack S power system offers high-availability power in tight spaces



Eltek, a leader in high efficiency power systems for telecommunications, industrial applications and renewable energy projects, announced the availability of the Flatpack S, a new high-efficiency (HE) DC power system that combines the ability to support 100A in an extremely compact one rack unit (1RU) form factor and enables telecom carriers to broaden the reach of communication networks. The rapid growth in demand for wireless telecom services and expanded wired services, such as cloud, VoIP and IPTV services that have increased the demand for highly available power systems in remote locations. Due to its small size, high-efficiency, modular design, reliability and wide-range of system control and communication capabilities, the Eltek Flatpack S system fulfills these requirements. Flatpack S system modules are hot pluggable and only 8.27 inches (210 mm) long so that they fit into 12-inch cabinet applications, giving it the flexibility to meet higher power demands in tight spaces. The complete Flatpack S system provides greater than 95 percent efficiency and includes controller, rectifiers, battery and load distribution. "The impact of the Flatpack S is great both for small cell applications in wireless networks, which are facing quadrupled demand for data services, and for wireline networks, as enterprises increasingly tap carriers for cloud services," said David Leal, Eltek's vice president of sales for North America. "Service providers are now focused on getting technology out of the central office and into more remote locations closer to the customer. Upgrading to the latest generation of high-efficiency, compact 1RU power equipment, such as Eltek's Flatpack S system, not only saves energy and space, it is essential for rolling out new revenue-generating services." Flatpack S systems are available now from Eltek's worldwide sales force. To learn more about Eltek's new high-efficiency small cell power systems, go to: http://www.eltek.com. Eltek