Eltek's latest converters can support 24V and 48V on the same power system shelf



Eltek, a leader in high efficiency power systems for telecommunications, industrial applications and renewable energy projects, announced their latest 24 VDC and 48 VDC wide-input DC-DC converter modules for use with Eltek systems that offer dual voltage power conversion, including the Flatpack2 Trilogy and the new Modular HE with Smartpack2. Telecom sites and industrial facilities often have a need to support multiple DC output voltage levels. With Eltek's new converters, it's possible to have both AC/DC power conversion and DC-DC voltage conversion in the same system. This saves the customer the cost of buying a specialized system and taking up valuable space for a small segment of the load. The new converters feature a wide voltage input range, from 18 VDC to 75 VDC, to cover an extensive range of applications. Typical applications for such DC-DC converters are in multiple output voltage systems from a single battery bank or voltage stabilizers for demanding loads. "These new DC-DC converters fill an important gap in the Eltek product portfolio," said David Leal, Eltek Vice President of Sales for North America. "In many applications, available space and budget are key issues and these new DC-DC modules can help customers save both." The new converters can be managed by the Smartpack2 controller, which monitors and controls all active components in the Flatpack2 Trilogy and Modular HE systems. The controller has a large display for on-site setup, status and log access. These functions can also be set and monitored remotely. Eltek