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Embedded FTP Server Available in a Free PC Tool


Hilden, Germany – SEGGER introduces a free tool empowered by its embOS/IP FTP Server add-on. The tool serves as a full FTP Server that is set up with minimal effort. It will run on a Windows, Mac or Linux based machine.

The FTP server tool enables a simple and convenient way to exchange data between any device that can support the FTP protocol as a client and an associated computer. This means that the connected device can transfer acquired data to the computer for analysis purposes or, conversely, access data needed by an operative in order to carry out specific tasks. This includes operations such as transferring media data or presentation from the computer to a tablet. The tool includes an intuitive graphical user interface for quick configuration of the server settings, and login credentials, as well as displaying status information such as connections to the server.

With SEGGER being a leading provider for software targeted at resource constrained embedded systems, this valuable new PC tool also presents a quick and easy method via which to evaluate the FTP server without requiring any embedded hardware. The PC application behaves exactly as if the server was running on a complete embedded system.

SEGGER’s general purpose FTP server is optimized to provide file sharing via FTP on embedded devices. Typical applications are the uploading of firmware upgrades and bulk file uploads, as well as the downloading of data from storage and media devices. It supports multiple connections and can be used with any file system.

To download and access more information on the FTP server tool, go to:

To access more information on the FTP server, go to: https://www.segger.com/products/connectivity/embosip/add-ons/ftp-server/

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