Emerson, Vicor and others to demonstrate novel 400VDC deployment for data centers and telecom



In response to the increasing interest in 400V within their industries, data center and telecom leaders Anderson Power Products (APP), Emerson Network Power, IBM, Universal Electric Corporation and Vicor Corporation will demonstrate a 400V DC ecosystem during INTELEC, Sept. 28-Oct. 2 in Vancouver.
The display will feature all the components necessary for a fully functioning 400V DC deployment for data center or telecom environments, including power supplies and conversion systems, busway, PDUs, servers, network switches, connectors and breakers. More than 20 manufacturers will be represented.

In the past, the ready availability of UL-certified, production-level equipment has been a challenge to 400V DC adoption. Emerson Network Power and Vicor Corporation hosted a demonstration of 400V technology at INTELEC 2012, and equipment availability has increased dramatically since then. Interest in 400V DC remains high because, in the right applications, it presents several potential advantages over traditional AC and -48V DC architectures. For example, 400V DC power significantly reduces the cost of copper cabling and installation in traditional -48V telecom applications. In data centers, it simplifies the power chain, which improves availability and potentially efficiency compared to AC power.

The INTELEC exhibit will illustrate those advantages while demonstrating the flexible, plug-and-play architecture that makes 400V DC power easy and safe to deploy and configure. The 400V DC ecosystem will be displayed in booth #201 Sept. 28-Oct. 2 at INTELEC. Technical experts from APP, Emerson, IBM, Universal Electric Corp./StarLine DC Solutions, and Vicor Corporation will be on hand throughout the event to answer questions.

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