EnerNOC launches DemandSMART predictor in New England



EnerNOC, a leading provider of cloud-based demand response and energy-management applications, today announced the launch of DemandSMART(TM) Predictor for New England. DemandSMART Predictor leverages a proprietary predictive analytics model to forecast the high demand hours when consumers' capacity and transmission charges are set for the following year. By activating a customized energy reduction strategy during peak hours, enterprises using DemandSMART Predictor can dramatically reduce their ICAP charges, which can account for up to 30 percent of their annual electricity costs. "DemandSMART Predictor is a powerful tool with an impeccable track record in other markets. We're excited to now offer this solution to our expansive New England customer base," said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. "By pairing our granular understanding of the electric power grid in New England with our predictive analytic capabilities, we are able to help our customers proactively reduce a significant driver of their energy costs." With DemandSMART Predictor, customers get a daily notification of the likelihood of a peak demand hour occurring that day, a specific timeframe when energy reduction strategies should be enacted, as well as a forecast for the week ahead. When a peak hour is predicted, customers can monitor their load with DemandSMART's real-time energy profiling tools. "We are excited to add DemandSMART Predictor to our product offerings for New England customers, and we will continue to work with ISO-NE and other stakeholders to create new opportunities for demand response to deliver value to the grid and to ratepayers," said David Brewster, President of EnerNOC. "New England is already our largest market for energy efficiency and our second largest market for supply procurement services, and we look forward to continuing to grow our presence in the region with innovative new solutions that help our customers save money on their utility bills." DemandSMART Predictor is part of a suite of energy management applications and services that help customers throughout New England proactively manage energy to drive bottom line results. Other products include EfficiencySMART, technology and services designed to deliver continuous energy savings, and SupplySMART, EnerNOC's energy procurement and risk management offering. EnerNOC