EnerNOC launches Green Button Initiative open data project


Anonymized energy data From 100 buildings made available for open-source collaboration

EnerNOC, a leading provider of cloud-based energy management software, announced its newest EnerNOC Open project, Open Data. As part of its participation in the Green Button Initiative and in order to encourage open-source collaboration that advances energy management innovation, EnerNOC has scrubbed and anonymized one year of granular energy data from 100 large buildings. Developers and engineers can now access the data for non-commercial purposes such as research, integration testing, and hackathons. Green Button is an energy industry initiative that responds to a White House call-to-action to provide customers with easy access to their energy use data in a simple format. The release of EnerNOC's Open Data project is timed with the start of the EnerNOC-sponsored Boston CleanWeb Hackathon and Data Jam beginning tomorrow that brings together entrepreneurs and developers to tackle problems at the intersection of energy, sustainability, and the Internet. The Hackathon is a three-day sprint to build prototype applications and business ideas, and the Data Jam is a 90-day marathon culminating on June 26 that will result in production-ready products and fledgling businesses. "Releasing EnerNOC data in Green Button format is another step toward achieving our goal of creating an ecosystem of innovative developers collaborating to advance energy management technology," said Hugh Scandrett, Vice President of Engineering at EnerNOC. "Making this anonymized data available is just one example of how EnerNOC is committed to 'walking the walk' when it comes to open source collaboration." EnerNOC maintains a repository that currently includes over 50 billion energy readings from the thousands of commercial and industrial sites on its platform worldwide, and has invested more than $160 million in its technology and network infrastructure. EnerNOC currently has over 20 open engineering positions in the Boston area. Details on these positions and EnerNOC's Green Button initiative participation are available on the EnerNOC Open engineering site. EnerNOC Green Button Initiative