eNOC Service Delivers AI-Enabled Wi-FI For IT Departments Operating Mission Critical Networks


Innovative technology delivers major advance in IT automation

Campbell, CA — KodaCloud, Inc. announced the addition of their eNOC service, a powerful add-on to the company’s original Wi-Fi as a Service offering. The new eNOC service enables customers to subscribe to KodaCloud’s award winning service without needing to change their existing hardware. In addition to KodaCloud’s own access points the eNOC service will be available for Aruba and Cisco with other vendors slated for support later in 2018.

KodaCloud’s eNOC delivers proactive networking with monitoring, detection, self-optimization, mitigations and recommendations to deliver industry leading performance and lower operating costs. The patented technology leverages AI to monitor in real time, all interactions with devices attached to every Wi-Fi access point. Data gathered by this technology is thoroughly analyzed and utilized to optimize the end user experience or IoT connection, dynamically adapting the access point in real time where possible or by providing an alert with a clear, actionable root cause, thereby significantly increasing the efficiency of IT resources.

The AI capability of eNOC also enables a customer’s network to essentially “learn” the environment and incorporate machine learning to proactively improve service levels and provide detailed historical data, thereby eliminating the need to recreate problems in order to find the root cause.

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