Entropic claims first MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered adapter



Entropic, a leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected home,
continues to push the boundaries by developing low power MoCA(R)
(Multimedia over Coax Alliance)-based solutions.
The Company announced what they believe is the first MoCA
2.0 USB bus-powered adapter reference design to deliver a 'no excuses'
whole-home network for high definition (HD) and Ultra HD video and
streaming media services - all over existing coax in the home.

The reference design showcases Entropic's expertise in developing small
form factor, lowest power MoCA 2.0 adapters that comply with the 2.5
Watt power consumption limit required for any USB bus-powered product.
Having a small, low power MoCA 2.0 reference design enables OEMs to
design cost competitive products that are stringently regulated to meet
lower power budgets. Further, as a low-power solution, it offers lower
overall system costs at the component, package and enclosure
requirement levels, but does not sacrifice on performance.

For the consumer, the benefits are tremendous. Small enough to be
tucked behind the television, game console or set-top box, the device
seamlessly offers MoCA connectivity to any Ethernet-ready consumer
electronics (CE) device or Pay-TV provider set-top-box without
requiring an additional power adapter. A MoCA 2.0 network, used as the
home's backbone, can deliver net throughput rates of 400+ Mbps over 16
devices/nodes and 500+ Mbps when in turbo mode. With this amount of
available throughput, the MoCA backbone exceeds the Quality of Service
(QoS) requirements for connected CE devices such as smart TVs, game
boxes, and connected devices with over the top (OTT) applications
delivering buffer-free experiences, as well as ensuring a reliable
method for managing high bandwidth HD or 4K/Ultra HD video coming to
the TV.

"Entropic leads in the development of innovative discrete MoCA 2.0
solutions that are highly integrated to reduce external bill of
material costs, enable smaller size solutions and provide a flexible
architecture -- all with a low-power approach," said Al Servati, vice
president, Marketing, Entropic. "We are focused on providing our OEM
and service provider customers a clear MoCA roadmap that includes both
MoCA 2.0 based Ethernet-to-Coax adapters for use in new applications
such as cloud gaming, UltraHD video streaming and enabling RVU or CVP
remote user interface standards on the television."

The MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered reference design uses Entropic's EN2810
discrete MoCA chip, the Company's second-generation, single-chip MoCA
2.0 system solution. Additionally, OEMs can leverage the EN28xx-series
pin compatibility with existing EN256x and EN258x MoCA 1.1 solutions to
design a single-board for both MoCA 1.1 and MoCA 2.0 products, which
ultimately lowers development costs and enables a common bill of the
material (BOM) to be used over multiple products and segments.