Environmental Lights Enters Low-Voltage Downlighting Space


Evolve Technologies and WOW Media to consult on new downlighting product line

Environmental Lights has entered into a strategic development agreement with Evolve Technologies and WOW Media to accelerate adoption of a new comprehensive low voltage downlighting product line to the A/V industry.

Environmental Lights’ new low voltage product line is designed specifically for A/V integrators, to enable them to specify and install low voltage downlighting. This control agnostic system will feature remote, class 2 power distribution capable of driving multiple fixtures from independent, programmable channels.  It will be easy to install and enable A/V integrators to add downlighting to their offerings.

Evolve Technologies and WOW Media bring a proven record of success with lighting installations and in-depth knowledge of the high-end A/V market. They will be consulting on how to best develop the new low voltage downlighting products including sharing deep insights on best practices for design, specification, selling and installation.

Low voltage power supply options will include multi-channel drivers for high lumen and lower, lumen residential applications. A variety of lighting fixtures will also be available including commercial high-bays and pendants as well as residential recessed fixtures with multiple trim options.

Commercial and residential product options will be included in the new product line. Products will begin shipping in fall 2020.

Product Line Features

· Low voltage downlighting solutions

· Remote power management

· Control agnostic

· Class 2 and UL Listed

· Easy to install

· Commercial and residential options

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