Environmental Lights' Low-Voltage Downlighting Solution



Environmental Lights announces the launch of their new REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System.

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System is a comprehensive low voltage downlighting solution designed specifically for A/V integrators. REVI features programmable, RDM enabled power supplies and a la carte configurable LED fixtures. The system facilitates easy installations, remote power management and simple integration into control systems.

Environmental Lights worked extensively with multiple integrators to understand their pain points and get early prototype feedback in order to design the ideal low voltage down lighting system. REVI enables integrators and fabricators to move into the world of ceiling and down lighting using the convenience of low voltage.

"REVI was designed with integrators, for integrators," said Jordan Brooks, President at Environmental Lights. "Our team worked hand-in-hand with A/V dealers to understand their pain points in order to deliver a beautiful balance of form and function. We are incredibly excited to empower them to 'own the ceiling' by adding lighting to their projects."

The REVI product line includes residential downlighting solutions as well as commercial solutions for house of worship and auditorium lighting projects. The system encompasses a range of downlighting products including low voltage LED downlights and remote power supplies. Environmental Lights also offers consultancy services to support lighting design, product specification, and installation best practices.

REVI Drive power supplies are RDM enabled and feature programmable Class 2 outputs which provide unprecedented control over configuring the drivers and monitoring their performance. This level of control makes designing the lighting system much easier while simplifying the range of power supplies needed to run low voltage lighting. REVI power supplies are rack-mounted and can be located up to 200 feet away from fixtures.

REVI Product Line Features:

  • Rack-mount RDM enabled drivers
  • Programmable drive currents on all power supply outputs
  • Configurable fixtures
  • UL Listed and Class 2 components

REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination downlights, pendants and power supplies available at Environmental Lights' website.