EPC, Analog Devices Deliver up to 2 MHz Switching Frequency for the Highest Density DC-DC Converters Using GaN FETs



EPC announces the availability of the EPC9160, a dual output synchronous buck converter reference design board operating at 2 MHz switching frequency that converts an input voltage of 9 V to 24 V to a 3.3 V or 5 V output voltage and delivers up to 15 A continuous current for both outputs. Thanks to the high switching frequency the converter size is very small, only 23 mm x 22 mm for both outputs, and the inductor height is only 3 mm.

The high density and thickness of the design plus the 2 MHz switching frequency make this solution ideal for automotive console applications, where 2 MHz switching frequency is preferred, and computing, industrial, consumer, and telecom power systems requiring small size and a very thin profile. eGaN FETs provide the fast switching, high efficiency and small size that can meet the stringent power density requirements of these leading-edge applications.

The EPC9160 reference design uses the EPC2055 enhancement-mode GaN FET and the LTC7890 two-phase analog buck controller with integrated GaN drivers.

· The LTC7890 100 V low Iq, dual, 2-phase synchronous step-down controller is fully optimized to drive EPC eGaN FETs and integrates a half bridge driver and smart bootstrap diode. It offers optimized near-zero deadtime or programmable deadtime and programmable switching frequency up to 3 MHz. The quiescent current of 5 uA (VIN = 48 V, VOUT = 5 V, CH1 only)  enables very low standby power consumption and excellent light load efficiency.

· The EPC2055 40 V eGaN FETs offers 3 mOhm max RDS(on), 6.6 nC QG, 0.7 nC QGD, 1.3 nC QOSS and zero QRR in a super small 2.5 mm x 1.5 mm footprint and can deliver up to 29 A continuous current and 161 A peak current. The excellent dynamic parameters allow very small switching losses at 2 MHz switching frequency.

The efficiency of the EPC9160 is greater than 93 % for 5 V output and 24 V input . In addition to light load operating mode and adjustable dead time, the board offers UVLO, Over-current protection, and power good output.

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