EPC Doubles the Performance of its 200 V eGaN FET Family


200 V eGaN FETs are ideal for 48 VOUT synchronous rectification, class-D audio, solar microinverters and multilevel, high-voltage AC/DC converters


EPC advances the performance capability while lowering the cost of off-the-shelf gallium nitride transistors with the introduction of the EPC2215 and EPC2207 200 V eGaN FETs.  The applications for these leading-edge devices include class D audio, synchronous rectification, solar MPPTs (maximum power point tracker), DC-DC converters (hard-switched and resonant), and multilevel high voltage converters.

The EPC2215 (8 mΩ, 162 Apulsed) and the EPC2207 (22 mΩ, 54 Apulsed)  are about half the size of the prior generation 200 V eGaN devices and double the performance.  The performance advantage over a benchmark silicon device is even higher.  The EPC2215 has 33% lower on-resistance, yet is 15 times smaller in size.  Gate charge (QG) is ten times smaller than the silicon MOSFET benchmark with the new technology, and like all eGaN FETs, there is no reverse recovery charge (QRR) enabling lower distortion class D audio amplifiers as well as more efficient synchronous rectifiers and motor drives.


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