EPC taps Yuanzhe Zhang as director of applications engineering



Dr. Yuanzhe Zhang

EPC is proud to announce that Dr. Yuanzhe Zhang has joined the EPC engineering team as Director, Applications Engineering. As a member of the EPC applications team, Dr. Zhang's focus will be designing state-of-the-art envelope tracking systems for 4G, LTE and 5G wireless infrastructure that demonstrate the benefits of using gallium nitride transistors.

Dr. Zhang's research and experience in these applications will be shared with customers to accelerate their designs using high performanceeGaN FETs. His designs will demonstrate GaN transistors' superior performance over MOSFETs and LDMOS.

Dr. Zhang earned a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and earned his bachelor's degree at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. While working on his Ph.D. he published several papers on the use of GaN transistors in very-high-frequency DC-DC converters and envelope tracking power supplies for telecom infrastructure.