EPCOS CeraLink SP and LP caps now at Mouser



EPCOS CeraLink Capacitor

Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the newest additions to the CeraLink capacitor series, the CeraLink SP and LP capacitors from EPCOS. CeraLink capacitors are unique in that as the voltage across the capacitor increases, the capacitance of the device increases. These capacitors also display very low series resistance (ESR) and very low series inductance (ESL), allowing these capacitors to switch extremely fast. These capacitors target high frequency applications.

The EPCOS CeraLink SP and LP Capacitors, available from Mouser Electronics, are the latest additions to the EPCOS CeraLink capacitor family and feature EPCOS’ patented antiferroelectric capacitor technology, which allows the capacitors to exhibit an increase in capacitance as voltage increases. The CeraLink is based on the ceramic material lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT). In contrast to conventional ceramic capacitors, CeraLink has its maximum capacitance at the application voltage, which increases proportionately to the share of the ripple voltage. Other advantages include high insulation resistance and very low parasitic effects. Moreover, uncontrolled thermal runaway is not an issue with CeraLink. This makes CeraLink technology perfect for embedding in IGBT modules to act as snubber capacitors. These capacitors are very compact and may be placed very close to the semiconductor with negligible ESL.

The CeraLink LP (Low Profile) series targets fast switching systems and can handle voltages up to 650V. The LP series features high ripple current capability and low ESR and ESL, resulting in low power losses for high frequency systems of up to several MHz.

The CeraLink LP series is RoHS compliant and features copper inner electrodes and silver outer electrodes with a silver coated copper lead frame with an epoxy resin adhesive. These capacitors target industrial power converters as well as DC to AC inverter applications. The CeraLink SP (Solder Pin) Series are similar to the CeraLink LP series except in a leaded package for through-hole applications. These devices feature silver-coated copper pins and are packaged in a 33mm x 22.86mm plastic housing.