EPCOS MKP DC link high density film capacitors from TDK Feature new rated voltages



ITDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has added two new types of film capacitors with rated voltages of 575 V DC and 900 V DC to its B32778* series. These MKP DC link film capacitors of the company's high density series are widely used for DC link and DC filtering in power converters. The new voltages provide additional flexibility to circuit designers. Furthermore, specifications can be met more accurately with the smallest possible component and reduced cost without sacrificing reliability. Features include: MKP winding technology

  • Lead spacing 27.5 mm to 52.5 mm for PCB mounting
  • 2 or 4 pin designs for enhanced mechanical stability
  • Rated voltages (at 70o C): 450, 575 (new), 800, 900 (new), 1100, and 1300 V DC
  • Capacitance range: 1.5 μF to 110 μF
  • Maximum operating temperature (case): 105o C
  • Low ESR: >/= 3.0 m? at 70o C and 10 kHz
  • IRMS: up to 20 A at 70o C at 10 kHZ
Benefits of film capacitors:
  • Self-healing, offering high stability with respect to peaks and overvoltages
  • Operating life 100,000 hours @ 70°C.
  • High capacitance stability over time and temperature
  • High IRMS and peak current per μF
  • No need for reverse current protection, balance resistors and serial connections
  • Higher resonant frequency: film capacitors can be used in parallel with an aluminum electrolytic capacitor bank to filter high frequency harmonics
Typical applications: DC Links, DC filters and power factor correction in converters and power supplies, including: Small and medium sized converters in industrial applications Frequency converters, such as for drives and welding equipment Photovoltaic converters (input filter, DC-DC circuit or DC link) Heavy-duty power supplies for applications such as x-ray equipment, LED street lighting, induction cooktops, or charging devices www.epcos/film_mkp