EPCOS MKP film capacitors boast smaller case sizes



TDK Corporation announced significantly reduced size in EPCOS MKP film capacitors of the B3267*P* series. For example, the type with a capacitance of 1 ÎF and a rated voltage of 450 V DC has dimensions of only 8.0 x 17.5 x 13.0 mm3 thanks to a high capacitance density with a lead spacing of 10 mm. This corresponds to a volume reduction of about 40 percent compared with the predecessor type with a lead spacing of 15 mm. The series comprises types with lead spacings of 10 mm, 15 mm and 22.5 mm, respectively. The capacitors are designed for rated voltages of 450 V DC, 520 V DC and 630 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 68 nF to 2.2 ÎF. These components are suitable for a continuous operating temperature of 125o C. The plastic of the case satisfies UL 94 V-0 specifications. Halogen-free versions are also available upon request. Typical applications of these capacitors are passive PFC as well as output filtering for ballasts, LED power supplies and switch-mode power supplies. Delivery is in 8 weeks. Pricing, from $0.1651 to $0.7269 each, depending on part selected and quantity.