ERNI Electronics Expands its MiniBridge Cable Connector System with Angled SMT Female Connectors



ERNI Electronics is expanding its single-row MiniBridge® cable connector system with a pitch of 1.27mm (0.050 inches). The new MiniBridge angled SMT female connectors are especially suited for LED products, which are often designed as modular PCB strips. Those lighting applications can be defined by electrically connecting several PCB strips together. Up until now hand soldering of the wires was common. Using the new angled MiniBridge female connectors this time consuming approach could be accomplished by a simple and reliable "click connection" of multiple PCB strips. In addition MiniBridge female connectors in IDC technology are the ideal fit to connect the LED PCBs to a remote control unit. The MiniBridge system offers a high current carrying capacity of up to 4 A/contact (at 20°C, depending on the cable) and a wide temperature range of -55 to +125°C. The new MiniBridge angled SMT female connectors are available with 2, 4 or 6 pins. In addition to lighting technology the MiniBridge connectors are also predestined for diverse sensor, actuator, power-supply, and data applications in the fields of automotive and industrial electronics, computer technology, consumer electronics, and medical device technology. The availability of straight or angled SMT male connectors and female connectors both in SMT and IDC technology where the cables are fed out at 90 or 180 degrees, enable this connector system to overcome virtually any spatial restrictions. The female connectors are available with different types of locking latches to address normal vibration/shock loads (black model type), and applications involving heavy vibration/shock loads (red model type). The robust version (i.e. red connector) requires a tool (i.e. a screwdriver) to open the lock. The competitive interconnect system is designed for fully automatic pick and place, or processing on SMT process lines. In addition, with their heat-resistant plastic housing, MiniBridge connectors are suitable for processing with lead-free reflow soldering (RoHS compliant). The new MiniBridge angled SMT female connectors are offered in tape and reel packaging for automatic assembly.