Ethernet-based smart automation system enhances high-performance AC and DC drive applications



Sprint Electric, in cooperation with their US partner Bardac, introduced a new concept in control for drives and systems called drive.web. Drive.web is a smart, web-based, truly distributed control technology optimized for high performance direct current and alternating current drive systems. It additionally allows integration of human machine interfaces, controllers and input/output in systems of any size and complexity. This Ethernet based distributed control technology allows easy access from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Two of its functional attributes include a process controller called Smarty and a drive interface controller called Speedy which fits into the drive itself, giving it Ethernet capability. Both these units are configured and integrated into systems using an intuitive system design tool called Savvy. Savvy is platform independent and can be used on Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Solaris etc. by downloading the appropriate compatible versions. The whole system is very simple in terms of connectivity and has good industry awareness in terms of being very user-friendly, particularly for beginners to get started right away. The distributed nature of the control system gives high performance, eliminating the need for a PLC or supervisory computer. The drive.web protocol is a truly deterministic system and has the fundamental ability to control all of the components in the network such as the drive, temperature controller, logic controller, process controller etc. Infinite number of nodes such as drives and operator stations can be added to the network without losing the bandwidth of the total system. Sprint Electric offers a wide range of DC motor control, with over 150 models covering both 1 phase and 3 phase, regenerative and non-regenerative DC motor applications, together with field controllers and digital slip ring motor controllers. The full range of products include analogue and digital DC drives from 12 up to 2250 Amps. Sprint Electric Bardac