EU LED Symposium & Expo expounds on Zhaga standards


Zhaga presentations focus on interchangebility and innovation

This year the LpS2012 (LED professional Symposium +Expo) running from 25 - 27 September at Bregenz, Austria is making available first hand information about the newest developments on the subject of the Zhaga standards, subscribed to by the 258 member companies. Based on the exclusive publishing rights for 7 articles put together by the consortium, Luger Research (the organisers of LpS) will be including a printed version of the articles in all delegate packs at LpS 2012. The compendium will only be available to the symposium delegates. A presentation by Dipl.-Phys. Guido Nattkemper, director Product Management LED at BAG electronics and working group leader within the Zhaga consortium, will provide additional insights regarding the articles and explain the issues related to Zhaga-Compatible Light Engines - Requirements, Design, and Compliance in detail. Up until now, the lighting industry has lacked clear standards to ensure the interchangeability of LED modules. If and how Zhaga standards help to enhance exchangeability, promote innovation, lower cost, and reduce risk will be points of discussion and demonstration. The presentation will cover

  • Introduction of Zhaga specifications
  • How interchangeability promotes innovation
  • Concepts and explanation of photometrical interface specification
Mr. Nattkemper will be available for further discussions throughout the symposium. In addition, there will be other Zhaga member companies available for questions and discussions at their exhibition stands, throughout the symposium and at the networking evening. Among the exhibitors are Zhaga members Alanod, Arditi, Cree, Everlight, Fairchild, Instrument Systems, Osram, Recom, Bergquist, and Vossloh Schwabe/Panasonic. LpS 2012 is the first event that offers non-Zhaga members such a comprehensive opportunity to obtain information about the latest developments in LED standardization. Zhaga is a cooperation of commercial companies. It is not possible for other industry groups, trade organizations, SDOs (standard-development organizations), or government agencies to join Zhaga as a normal member. LpS2012 Zhaga Standard Organisation Zhaga member companies