Everlight launches Natural Light Technology initiative



Natural Light LED

Everlight Electronics, a leader in LEDs and optoelectronics,
supplements its LED Lighting product portfolio with higher color quality
versions. The Natural Light LED variants will provide a CRI >95Ra,
averaging 98Ra. The first LED series to implement the Natural Light
Technology is EVERLIGHT’s 3-50W Ceramic COBs (JU Series)
and Metal PCB COBs (XUAN Series). All other LEDs
will offer Natural Light versions in Q4 of 2014.

Color rendering, a quality characteristic of light, is the effect of an
illuminant on the color appearance of an object by conscious or subconscious
comparison with their color appearance under a reference illuminant. One
major objective of LED lighting manufacturers is to achieve a light quality
that can replace or emulate the ultimate reference of the sun. In other
words: a CRI of 100Ra. To reach this goal would bring sunlight indoors,
sustain sunlight during the night, replace traditional incandescent and
halogen lamps which usually feature high color quality, and change the way
we perceive and appreciate our surroundings.

Everlight Electronics