EVT offers 3D BGA inspection



EyeVision image processing software

Besides ensuring correct pin position, the EyeScan AT 3D sensor – together with the EyeVision image processing software – can also check for the flawlessness and position of the balls on a Ball-Grid-Array. The attributes of BGAs can be inspected with the 3D sensor for various characteristics with an accuracy of up to a micrometer (µm).

With Scheimpflug projection, the laser line stays focused and distortion-free on the surface of the component. This also means that even for a high-speed applications, the captured images have a high resolution due to a high-quality large lens and a short aperture time. Every single bump of the BGA is inspected for its size and shape up to a µm-accuracy.

The EyeScan AT uses laser line measurement (or laser triangulation). This means that the camera looks at a laser line, which is projected onto the component (in this case: the BGA) and calculates the height information from the laser line profile.

Thanks to the 20.000 profiles per second and a new blue laser, even the most complexe components and surfaces can be captured with a detailed resolution. The extremely fast scans are possible because of the even shorter aperture time.

Eye Vision Technology