Exagan to showcase its energy-efficient GaN-on-Silicon tech at PCIM Europe



At the PCIM Europe trade show from May 10-12 in Nuremberg, Germany, Exagan, a leading innovator of gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology enabling smaller and more efficient electrical converters, will announce its latest strategic partnership to develop and commercialize GaN-on-silicon products.

This new partnership will be the third major alliance to be announced by Exagan in the past 12 months. In the span of two weeks last May, the young company entered a strategic partnership with CEA-Leti to accelerate the GaN-on-silicon technology integration roadmap and a joint development agreement with X-FAB Silicon Foundries to develop a high-volume production process for GaN-on-silicon devices using 200-mm wafers.

GaN-on-silicon technology’s capabilities in power integration and energy efficiency can increase the performance and decrease the size of power converters, making these systems ideally suited for a wide range of applications – from electric vehicles and solar energy to industrial electronics and re-charging consumers’ mobile devices.

In addition to the partnership announcement, Exagan will showcase its latest innovations in GaN-on-silicon technology and its G-FET fast-switching, high-efficiency power transistors at PCIM Europe.