Excelsys' powerMod series of plug-in DC modules are target reactive loads



Excelsys Technologies Reactive Load powerMod series of plug-in DC output modules is optimised for driving reactive loads, such as DC motors. These new powerMods offer complete protection in systems where loads can generate high levels of reverse energy offering system builders increased system robustness and reliability and are backed by a five year warranty.

These new powerMods are compatible with all Excelsys UltiMod, XF, and Xgen powerPacs and can deliver output voltages from 8.0V to 58V. The feature rich powerMods provide a suite of output signals and user configurable functions increasing design-in flexibility.

User configurable functions include local and remote output voltage adjustment, adjustable current limit, and dynamic voltage trim/adjust alternative current limiting technique and inhibit/enable functions. Modules can be connected in series or parallel ensuring that any voltage/current requirements can be achieved.

Used in conjunction with the broad range of existing Excelsys powerMods (XgA-XgL and Xg1-Xg8), the XgR and XgT powerMods continue the Excelsys tradition of providing an instant, no compromise power solution for any application where a unique set of voltage and current requirements is needed.

The new XgR and XgT additions to the powerMod series come equipped with in-built OR-ing function and an anti-reversal diode. The OR-ing circuit (utilising a MOSFET to maintain high efficiency) offers N+1 redundancy to the user when the powerMods are used in parallel operation and increases the ruggedness of the system in reactive load applications. The anti-reversal diode across the output, which is rated for the full current of the module, offers increased ruggedness when the modules are used in reactive load applications.

Typical applications include:
Medical; clinical diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, dialysis equipment, radiological imaging and clinical chemistry.
Industrial; test and measurement, industrial machines, automation equipment, printing, telecommunications, audio equipment, harsh industrial electronics, hi-rel/MIL COTS and radar.

Standard features and options include, dual safety approvals - UL/EN60950 2nd edition - UL/EN60601-1 3rd edition, 8.0V to 58V standard output voltages, 40°C start up temperature, conducted EMI EN 55022 Class B, OVP, OTP, OCP, MIL STD-810G: shock and vibration, adjustable current limit, output inhibit / enable, control, parallel / series of multiple outputs, all outputs fully floating, OR-ing protection on output, reverse voltage protection on output

Standard medical features include - leakage current <300IA (<150IA optional), 2 MOPP, 4KV isolation, highest efficiency - up to 92%, SEMI F47 compliant, individual output control signals, -

“Our new XgR and XgT powerMods ensure our market leading plug and play, user configurable power solutions can be used in the harshest of electrical environments.” said Gary Duffy, Excelsys CEO. “By providing protection against the reverse energy produced by reactive loads we can now offer our customers and off-the-shelf product to meet the most demanding industrial and medical applications.”